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The Movement

Get involved. Support the movement.

Step One. Buy your tee. Wear it. A lot. Get your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, sisters, brothers, children one. Heck, if it’ll fit your dog, slap a tee on Rover. (We don’t recommend buying one for your cat. It gets messy. Trust us.). Can't get a tee but still want to support the cause? SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Use the social tools on this page and use your voice. Start Here

Step Two. Tell everyone you know about the tee who will listen. “Hey, random guy walking by me in the pretzel aisle, have you seen this tee?”

Step Three. Parade your tee around town like the Maserati we all wish we had. (If you actually own a Maserati, well, good for you.) Sports Bars? Yes. Grocery stores? Of course. Super stores? You bet. (Pick us up a giant can of nacho cheese, please.) Work? Uh, will your boss fire you? No? Okay then, righteous. Wear it to your kids’ sporting events. Wear it to your wife’s work dinner. (Maybe not this one.) Wear it to bed. Wear it.


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