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It’s more than a “moral victory.”

Join the movement!

Pressure. To force someone toward a particular end; influence. Here, we’ll use it in a sentence. So many fans joined the ”It’s Jerry’s Fault Movement” that Jerry saw the light, stepped down, and hired someone who actually knew what they were doing to replace him thereby giving joy to the fans that hadn’t been seen for a very long time.

And Jerry needs to see that. He needs to know that we’re ready to see someone else take over his role because as his fans, we’re tired of the tease. That’s right. We said it. The whole thing is a giant tease, from the “Hey, is anyone sitting here?” to the “Why no, it’s vacant, unbelievably enticing promise of what could be.” He wines us, he dines us, he charms the ever living stuffing out of us and boy do we fall for it. Why? Because we’re true blue. We’re loyal to the core, baby. He packages up his glittering promise and we bite only to find out it was an empty fork and we walk away thinking, “Every time. He gets us every single time.”

But no more! No, this year, we’re taking the reins. We’re going to shout it from our social media, sport our tees and tell everyone standing next to us in the checkout lines. Why? Because it’s Jerry’s fault.

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